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Oria Hotel & Residence

Oria Hotel & Residence

Oria Hotel and Residences comprises two buildings; a luxury hotel and residential tower in Spring Hill. The projects draws upon and celebrates its relationship to context through its contemporary reimagining of the Art Deco style.

Located at the crest of Gregory Terrace in Spring Hill, Oria proposes a mixed use development that aims to both celebrate and enhance its context, drawing upon the character of the local area in a contemporary interpretation of the Art Deco style.

A 15 storey residential tower with expansive views of the city and Victoria Park. Embracing Subtropical living through the inclusion of large balconies and operable glazing, while the integration of green into façade elements provides immediate access to vegetation while also softening the mass of the building along the heritage interface. A one hundred key hotel complements the residential tower with associated facilities such as a Wellness Centre, Gym and Conference facilities.

Client: Keylin
Site Area: 3,372 m2
Scope: Architecture



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